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Should the worst happen to you, would your family be prepared?

Provide your family with a custom roadmap to help navigate your affairs, preserve your memories, and much more.

30 day money-back guarantee.


What does DepartingSafe provide your loved ones with?

Leave your text or video messages

Say goodbye on your terms

Give your them the chance to hear your voice, reminisce about the good times and get the closure they need.

Record videos or write messages that only your selected individuals will be able to see.

Product screenshot

Safe, central storage for your files and photos

Store important files and photos safely in one place

Storage for photos that spark memories or for any files and documents they may need.

They will be able to find exactly what they need without having to endlessly search.

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Notify your chosen contacts

Let people know

Do your they know who and how to get in touch with all of your contacts? We can inform anyone from; business and work colleagues, old friends or estranged family.

Simply provide a way for us to contact them and even a custom message for us to send when the time comes.

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All of your accounts from finance to social media

Document all of your accounts

How many accounts from social media to savings or even utility providers do you have?

Having a list of these providers and the respective account details will lift a huge burden from your them, giving them a place to start.

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How does DepartingSafe work?

Step 1

Account setup

Create a DepartingSafe account and upload your data. Remember to keep this up to date but don't worry, we will send you regular reminders anyway.

Step 2

Invite beneficiaries

Decide who your beneficiaries are and enter their email addresses in your account. We will let you know if they accept.

Step 3

The inevitable happens

The beneficiaries notify us of your death and upload your death certificate. We then grant access to your data in accordance with you wishes.

Step 4

Data release

You beneficiaries use the released data to manage your estate, mourn your passing and celebrate your life.

Pricing plans

Pricing that makes sense

No hidden costs. No monthly or annual subscriptions. Just a one-time fee that covers you for 10 years. Cover can be extended at a preferential rate.



10 years cover

Create account

The necessities to get started.

  • Unlimited accounts
  • 1 beneficiary
  • 5 messages (1 video)
  • 1GB storage
  • Wish list



10 years cover

Create account

Everything in Essentials, plus with enough resources for a family.

  • Unlimited accounts
  • 10 beneficiaries
  • 100 messages (10 videos)
  • 10GB storage
  • Wish list
  • Vanishing vault
  • Let people know

Family Plus


10 years cover

Create account

Everything in Essential, plus collaboration tools and deeper insights.

  • Unlimited accounts
  • Unlimited beneficiaries
  • 200 messages (20 videos)
  • 20GB storage
  • Wish list
  • Vanishing vault
  • Let people know

Pay in 3 interest-free monthly payments with Klarna

On the checkout page, you can choose to use Klarna in order to get the interest free payment plan.


Hear what people have to say

“I wish I had this sooner, but at least I can do it for my kids.”

Anna C

“Losing my sister was a trauma in itself and concluding her estate added to this. I am a resourceful person but the upset and enormity of the task was a challenge even for me. I truly believe that our journey would have been less stressful and upsetting if we'd had a DepartingSafe.”

Joseph J

“Dealing with the trauma of both my parents dying months apart was made even harder with bills to pay, policies to track down and the sheer amount of admin I had to deal with; having an account with Departing Safe would have made the whole process so much easier especially as so much is online these days.”

Charlotte C

“I have nothing bad to say about Departing Safe. I am grateful to have been recommended it by a friend.”

Charlie W

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question and can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our support team by sending us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Is this legally binding?
The short answer is no, our service is built to enhance traditional wills not replace them. You should still have a will, and if you don't, check out one of our partners. However, DepartingSafe is designed to cover all the aspects that aren't typically covered by wills, so our goal is not to replace them at all. You should use this service as a way to control access to your memories, knowledge, digital files and more.
How do I know they will only access what I want them too?
Our philosophy is that everything is hidden by default. Your beneficiaries will only have access to what you want them to have access to and when. We also lock your account immediately upon release to your beneficiaries, so there will be no way for them to login and see your assets.
What if you go out of business?
The cost of your license covers the infrastructure required to provide you with the lifetime service you pay for.
Is this secure?
Your information is secure and protected at all times. We use leading edge technology to ensure that only you and your chosen beneficiaries can see your data. We use AES 256-bit encryption and enforce user security measures including; 2-factor authentication and minimum password strength.
Can you help me?
Of course! We provide as much support as we can to all of our customers. Should you feel the need for a guided "concierge" experience, please contact us for more information.

Leaving a lasting memory.
Organise your legacy today.

Your data is in safe hands with our military grade security

AES 256-bit